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June 21, 2014 Summer Grand Canyon State Games IASP Airsoft/Airgun Match Results

Congratulations to all the IASP Airsoft/Airgun Match participants. The event was a great success and everyone had a good time. Thank you to all the participants and our great supporters!! See below for the results.

How to Become an IASP Sponsor
Sponsors are needed to support the 2014-2015 IASP season. We offer multiple sponsor levels. Recognition via multiple media options is available. Refer to our IASP Sponsor Agreement for more information. Deadlines for sponsors is as early as 5/15/14 up to 6/15/14.

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Tuesdays & Thursdays All Day @ Shoot Right

Shoot Right has adapted the airgun range to accommodate both the 10m and IASP program. Leagues begin in April of 2014. Come on down to test your skills and experience the fun of steels with your airgun and airsoft equipment (some equipment also available on site).

Short history:
Iron Plate Action Shooting or I.P.A.S. was created by Steve Taylor and Graham Wilkes in the late nineties in response to the handgun ban in the United Kingdom. Essentially IPAS is speed shooting at steel plates, known in the USA as “Steel Challenge”.

International Air Steels Program:
International Air Steels Program (IASP) is shooting any CO2 or gas powered multi-shot air-pistol/rifle or airsoft pistol/rifle that is similar in design to any “real steel” semi automatic rifle, pistol or revolver. It is a totally inclusive sport with shooters of all ages (8 – adult) and abilities competing together. Safety is a priority so those new to the sport will be required to have a safe gun handling course. It is very necessary to understand all safety, range commands, rules, body position, grip & hold.
IASP is very easy to understand. There are five metal plates “down range” all plates are painted white but one plate is known as the “Stop” plate. The shooter is required to start in low ready position, unless they are in the adult/senior open division the pistol holstered on the hip (drop leg holsters, shoulder holsters etc are not allowed) the shooters hands must be in the “surrender” position at the start of each run.
On the audible start signal the shooters engages each of the ‘bang target’ plates (one shot on each plate) in any order but the stop plate must be hit last. The last shot will stop the timer and the total time for that run will be called. There are five runs at each “stage” the worst time can be discarded. The other four runs are added together. The competitor with the fastest overall time for the match wins, simple!
Tuesday and Thursday 12pm-8pm All trainers are NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Coaches and certified RSO’s.

Airguns & Airsoft ‘Steal’ the
Steels From Firearms

Airguns and airsoft offer an excellent alternative to firearms, and as a tool to maintain proficiency with firearm skills. They also assist the shooter with an easier transition into firearms, as many of today’s products are excellent mimics to firearms. As well, it is easier to correct shooting mistakes when teaching techniques using these choices.

In the airrifle category, a Crosman 10/77 is a replica of the 1022 Ruger. The airpistol category offers the Baretta PX4 Storm, which  is a replica of it’s firearm counterpart. These are only two of many options available in the airgun and airsoft industry. Therefore, airguns and airsoft can carry their weight and enter into sports that used to be solely held by firearms. Welcome airguns and airsoft to the exciting, action-packed sport of steels. Whether you are looking for affordable training, a competitive edge, a family fun time, or a team-building tool, air steels will meet your needs. 

Value of Airguns & Airsoft in Rapid Fire

Today’s airguns and airsoft are serious contenders with firearms they mimic. The replicating details include their overall design, trigger feel, and weight (to name a few). Airguns and airsoft have been considered to be better choices for rapid fire achievement over firearms due to the trigger response often available in their products. The semi-auto airguns are particularly desirable. The air rapid fire shooting range is set at 30 feet or less (verses 25 yards), giving the shooter an excellent opportunity to train in a self-defense close-range scenario. Thus, airsoft and airgun rapid fire range locations are far more adaptable than the rapid fire firearm ranges. As well,  rapid fire expenses a hefty amount of ammunition. Air ammo is a fraction of the cost of firearm ammo (easily 100th the cost).

IASP Program

The International Air Steels Program (IASP) is a timed, fast-paced sport of rapid fire. It consists of various target configurations, providing an assortment of response scenarios for the shooter. The IASP rules parallel the Scholastic Pistol and Steel Challenge programs.

IASP is for ages eight years old through adult. It is a fun, exciting, and competitive program for individuals, families, beginner, and intermediate shooters. For those who are serious about steels firearm competition and self defense skills, you know how critical training is in order to maintain and excel your skills. Airsoft and airguns used in  IASP could save you thousands of dollars in training ammunition. Choose your guns from a variety of excellent options. For example, the Crosman 1077 and the Baretta CX4 are great choices for the  rifle category. Airgun pistols used in IASP are the Baretta PX4 Storm and the Walther P99 Q(R), both manufactured by Umarex USA.

Has weather conditions ever hindered or prevented you from shooting? IASP is easily set up inside. No more snow days, rainouts, or sunburn! All this is the perfect package for an affordable-fun experience, and an excellent training program.

Why International?

Airsoft and airguns are widely accepted internationally. Some models available on the market mimic popular gun styles commonly used.  Numerous countries have already adapted the use of airsoft and/or airguns in their culture, at a recreational, competitive, and law enforcement  level. IASP ranges are easily adapted to the foreign market because of how popular internationally the 10 meter configuration is.

Many countries have restrictions over the ownership and use of firearms, often banning the use of firearms overall. IASP provides a steels program to the international market where firearms are not available.