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International Air Shooting Sports (IASS)

Welcome to the International Air Shooting Sports (IASS). 

By joining IASS you are participating in the exciting and challenging family sport of “Airgun / Airsoft speed shooting”. IASS is a Youth & Adult Development Program that teaches the safe handling of pistols, semi auto rifles and shotguns while at the same time developing positive life skills through a supportive environment taught by trained and supportive adult coaches. The IASS programs have been founded as a feeder programs to the SPP/Steel Challenge, 3GUN Nation and IDPA in order to bring the same type of positive life skills and team spirit to the handgun, semi auto rifle and tactical shotgun shooting sports.

Shoot Right is the governing body for IASS. Shoot Right raises money and other resources to support youth and adult shooting programs as a whole. The shooting and hunting industry understand that today’s youth are the future of our sport and we enjoy tremendous support from the hunting and shooting industry. For this reason it is very beneficial for the junior shooters to participate in this sport along with the adults.

The backbone of the International Air Shooting Sports is the Parents, Adults, and Volunteers who organize and run the program on the local and state level. Any successful youth or adult program will always have a few dedicated passionate adults working in a leadership and guidance role. The amount of time, energy, and financial resources that these dedicated adults contribute to the program is staggering. However, when you meet the wonderful young athletes that the program produces, you will understand quickly why it is worth it and why they do what they do. The participants in the International Air Shooting Sports are the greatest youth and adults you would ever want to meet.

This handbook has been prepared to guide you through the IASS shooting programs from registration to the completion of the IASS National & International Championships. More information is available at our website your child or any adult is interested in becoming a International Champion or just wants a fun and safe social activity to enjoy with his or her friends, IASS is the program for them!

Why not get them or yourself started today?

How to start a IASS program at your club in your state or country?  

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The first 6 min. and 30 sec. is IA3G

IASP Shoots

June 21, 2014 Summer Grand Canyon State Games IASP Airsoft/Airgun Match Results

Congratulations to all the IASP Airsoft/Airgun Match participants. The event was a great success and everyone had a good time. Thank you to all the participants and our great supporters!! See below for the results.

IASP Range Layout

IA3Gun Shoots

IADS Shoots

How to Become an IASS Sponsor
Sponsors are needed to support the 2015-2016 IASP season. We offer multiple sponsor levels. Recognition via multiple media options is available. Email for IASS Sponsor Agreement.