CAASES/Shoot Right Education And Training Center

Club Membership

Members - Thank you for your continued support while we are in the process of establishing a new location. We will continue to keep you informed of upcoming events and locations.

Club Members Receive Discounts to our Services and Products.

Benefits Package

  • Members Covered by Club Insurance (During Events)
  • Annual NRA Membership & NRA Hat
  • Reduced Range Service Payments
  • Reduced Tournament Service Payments
  • Reduced Training Service Payments
  • Reduced / Discounted Equipment & Supply Gift Payments
  • Priority on Waiting List For Use of Range
  • Equipment Loan Privileges (Team & League Only)
  • Reduced Club Self Defense Course & Seminar Service Payments
  • Reduced One-on-One Training Service Payments
  • Reduced Team Training Service Payments
  • Reduced League Service Payments
  • Reduced Classroom Use Service Payment
  • Reduced Floor Use Service Payment

Membership Requirements

  • Must Complete Range Safety Briefing Once per Year
  • Complete 20 Volunteer Hours per Year Towards Club Activities / Facility Support
  • Must be Active Club Member in Good Standing for 6 Months Prior to any CMP Gun, Ammo and Target Surplus Gift Payments
  • NRA Membership Must be Active and Current

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Additional Consent Forms

(Required if Current Calendar Year's Consent Forms Are Not On File Or Information Has Changed)