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Presently our facility is temporarily closed. We are in the process of relocating to a new location.

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Air Rifle, Air Pistol and Archery Offer Affordable Means to Honing Your Shooting Skills


Shoot Right's Airgun, Airsoft and Archery Programs
Our Airgun and Archery programs are designed to promote awareness, appreciation, education, and support to all airgun and archery techniques throughout Arizona for present and future generations.
Airguns and archery are for Jr. & Adult shooters looking to have fun and learn about two of the fastest-growing forms of shooting sports & competitions. Our goal is to help you develop your skills, have fun, be safe, and provide programs that are affordable.

Our programs encompass many activities:

Loaner/Rental Equipment
Available for members (Loaner) and Non members (Rental).

Family Airgun and Archery Program
Our Airgun program is open to ages 7 and older and our Archery program is open to ages 8 and older, Participants experience a safe, fun, and well-balanced introduction to recreational and competitive airguns and archery. Equipment is provided. Beginner and intermediate classes are available.

Basic Airgun & Archery Instructor Courses
Basic Archery Instructor certification is required for all our airgun instructors (min 10 hours) and for our archery instructors (min 8 hours).

Arizona Archery in the Schools Program
This program is a physical education curriculum designed to teach international-style target archery in grades 4-12. The core content covers archery, history, safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration, and self-improvement. In addition, the curriculum provides interesting and creative possibilities for integration with core content in social studies, mathematics, visual arts, history, and English/language arts.

Airgun 10 Meter Indoor Program
Our indoor airgun range offers twenty lanes  <600 fps (.177 cal. Wadcutters only). As well, we have eight lanes up to 1200 fps (.177 - 22cal Wadcutters only). Whether you'd like to sight in your gun, join a league, obtain one-on-one training, or participate in a tournament, we have the facility and program to meet your needs.

Airgun & Archery League
Come join the fun of league at the Shoot Right Education and Training Center airgun and archery range. Target and 3D leagues are offered. Information on upcoming leagues will be posted on this web page soon. It’s fun for the whole family!

Airgun & Archery Educational Outreach Program
Similar to the High School JROTC airgun program or the archery youth program, these courses can be utilized for groups such as HOA, Scouts, 4-H, and home school organizations to participate in an introduction to target, field, and 3D archery.

After-School Airgun & Archery Programs
The After-School Archery and club airgun Program is designed as a next step to the Arizona Archery in the Schools Program. Any Parks and Recreation department can administer the program. Training and equipment is provided.

Airgun or Archery Volunteers
Trained individuals interested in assisting with airgun or archery programs, events, and teaching opportunities are welcome to contact us to discuss.

Corporate & Special Events
Are you looking for a new and innovative opportunity for your work group to enhance their focus and team-building skills? We can set up a corporate event for employees to have an enjoyable experience learning or enhancing their airgun or archery skills at Shoot Rights Education and Training Center. How about a birthday party on the range? Have fun with family and friends in an exciting and competitive way.
With our certified airgun and archery instructors, you will learn basic form, range procedure and safety in experiencing the fun of target shooting.