CAASES/Shoot Right Education And Training Center

Adult Archery

Thank You Arizona Sportsmen For Wildlife Conservation for the Generous Grant to Make the Archery Expansion Possible!!

Shoot Right Programs

Indoor 10 & 20 yd. Recurve & Compound Bow

Shoot Right Members - $25 a Month Service Donation

Non Members - $35 a Month Service Donation

(Annual Membership Service Donation - $25 for Seniors & Juniors, $35 for Adults)

All Equipment Provided

Adult Archery Program

  • Three levels of proficiency: “Novice 10 yd”, “Intermediate 20 yd”, and “Advanced 20 yd”

  • Seven levels of achievement: “Archer”, “Bowman”, “Expert”, and “Master” (each level can be recognized by a patch) Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals can be awarded for further achievement.

  • Scoring on all faces is 5 for center and 4-3-2-1 for outer rings. The “x” center ring is a tie-breaker and is part of the “5” ring.

  • Total possible score is 100 points for indoor rounds. The arrow needs to touch the separating line to score the higher value.