CAASES/Shoot Right Education And Training Center

Coach Rifle &/or Pistol Course

Become a NRA Rifle and/or Pistol Level 1 Coach

Shoot Right (A Non Profit Organization) would like to invite you to become a NRA Rifle and/or Pistol Coach Level 1.

Course Dates & Registration:
NRA Rifle Coach Level 1 Date June 4-5 2016
Sat 8am to 5pm & Sun 8am to 5pm.  

Must complete both days of course to qualify

Rifle Course Location:

Arizona Air Rifle sport schützen
9812 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, Arizona 85345

Course Fee's:

Pistol course "coming soon"

Rifle Course $150

required at time of registration (payable by check made out to Shoot Right or by credit card - include a 3% transaction fee).

Pistol Course
Must register and prepay to attend course.

Rifle Course
Must register and prepay to attend course.

Discount offered for None at this time.

 AZ of Dept. American Legion clubs Now offered for post clubs programs only (not JROTC Affiliated etc).  

Cancellation Policy
Course fee’s are Non-Refundable. However, credit for future course will be provided if notified of absense.

No-show with no notice will forfeit course fee.

Course Fee Discounts: None at this time
Course discounts for AZ of Dept. American Legion clubs only, call of discount 602 288 5324

Must include proof of your A.L. Affiliation (Post # & A.L. Membership #) with registration to receive discount.

Lodging & Food Expenses:
The cost of the course does not include these expenses. There are several local Hotels/Motels within minutes of the course location to meet your needs.

Contact Information:

Rob Potter, Shoot Right
602.288.5324 Email:

Course Details:

Becoming a Coach (Level 1) represents only the first step towards becoming an effective coach. All coaches need to gain additional information to further develop their coaching effectiveness.

The Coach Seminars supplement the Coach School and information gained by coaches attaining Certified Coach status or those just looking for more advanced knowledge. These seminars focus on the various practical aspects of coaching and include:

What is taught in the school?

The Level 1 coach school is two days of sports-specific lessons and practical coaching exercises designed to teach the coach candidate the basics of coaching beginning and intermediate shooters. The following general subjects are taught:

  • •Introduction to the Coaching Program
    •Safety and Risk Management
    •Competition Events
    •Rulebook use and shooting etiquette
    •Equipment and Facilities
    •Fundamentals of Shooting
    •Coaching Ethics
    •Coaching Methodology
    •Mental Training
    •Training Planning
    •Building Quality Programs
    •How To Conduct Tournaments

The NRA Coach Education Program is administered by the NRA Education & Training Division and offers multi-level training for coaches of the competitive shooting sports in partnership with USA Shooting, the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Separate coach training courses are available for rifle, shotgun, pistol, and high power rifle coaches. The Level 1 Coach is trained to coach beginning and intermediate shooting athletes in a two-day school consisting of both classroom instruction and on-the-range practical coaching exercises. Those desiring to attain a Level 2 or Level 3 Coach credential must become a Level 1 Coach and complete specific additional training.

The Rifle Coach Course addresses coaching position smallbore and air rifle competitive shooting.

The Pistol Coach Course addresses coaching competitive Bullseye Pistol, Air Pistol, International Pistol Shooting, Progressive Position Pistol, International Air Shooting Sports (IASS) and SPP.

All courses include instruction on safety, equipment, shooting fundamentals, coaching methodology, mental training, rulebook use, coaching ethics, training plans, team building, risk management, history, and Range Time. There are now more than 7,000 credentialed NRA Coaches.

The coach school is the heart of the coach education program. The instructors use up-to-date materials and PowerPoint presentations to present the discipline-specific coach course.

The registration fee includes a copy of the discipline-specific coach school student study guide and other materials to help you with the details of coaching. Participants complete an open-book test as homework during the first evening of the course. The test is graded in class, reviewed for understanding, and then submitted to the NRA National Coach Trainer by the school instructor for credential processing. Upon successful completion of the coach school you will be a Coach (Level 1) (or Youth Trainer if under 18 years old) in that discipline.

Credential Period and Fee.

All ratings an NRA Trainer (Coach, Instructor, Training Counselor, or Range Safety Officer) holds have the same expiration date. If a new Coach already holds other NRA Trainer ratings, the Coach expiration date will be the one already established. If the new Coach holds no other NRA Trainer ratings, the credential period will be two years, and that will establish the expiration date for any other NRA Trainer ratings subsequently acquired.

The initial Coach rating fee is included in the Coach School registration fee.

Course Registration Click Here

Rifle Course location:
Arizona Air Rifle Sport Schützen
9812 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, Arizona 85345

Pistol & Rifle course will be lead by NRA/USA Shooting/CMP Pistol & Rifle Coach Level 2 (NCDS), NRA CRSO, SPP and International Air Shooting Sports (IASS) - Rob Potter. (President of IASS)