CAASES/Shoot Right Education And Training Center

Is a Division of C.A.A.S.E.S. A 501 (3) Non Profit Organization

Mission Statement

This organization is a nonprofit organization and is not organized for the private gain of any person. The purpose for which this organization has been organized is to educate children and adults with regard to personal safety and security throughout the State of Arizona and the world.

Shoot Right's Mission

Shoot Right is a non-profit educational organization that advances marksmanship, responsible and ethical firearm use, and ownership in the youth and adults of our community. We build the skills, attitude, and desire to preserve and honor the use of firearms in sports, hunting, and the role in ensuring freedom.

Shoot Right's Purpose

Develop safe and skillful use of rifle/pistol air guns, small bore firearms, and bow; and awareness about the history and importance of firearms and airguns, shooting sports, and hunting to America. Organize youth & adult airgun shooting leagues & Tournaments, Summer camps, Hunter education, NSSF "Project ChildSafe" gun lock program, and NRA adult & Jr. First Step rifle, pistol and NSSF First Shots programs. Attract, develop, and certify skilled marksman and firearms instructors and coaches.

Shoot Right's Measurement of Success Goals

NRA Gold Member Club status
Consistent demonstration of tournament/competition achievement/progression at every event held by Shoot Right for every participant, we advocate and encourage Community involvement.