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We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit - Any Amount Makes a Difference. Thank you! 

Jr. Shooting Program in Need of Help! People always say we need kids trained in gun safety & marksmanship. Well, here’s a chance to help this statement come true. We at CAASES & Shoot Right are asking for your help to bring programs to the community, not the community to the programs. All we ask is that you donate $5.00 or more and spread the word. As a non-profit in order to keep our status we have to show through your generosity that the public needs our services. CAASES/Shoot Right is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Your donation may qualify as a tax deduction!

Shoot Right's Goal:

Our goal is to open the first inner-city indoor airgun, airsoft, archery range and Indoor airsoft field, along with class/meeting room facilities. Most ranges are really designed for the adult shooting programs and maybe they have a class or event for kids every now and then. Our range and indoor airsoft field has programs that keep the junior programs the foremost priority, but not leaving the adult programs out. We think if you have a child friendly range and indoor airsoft field you would have a place the whole family would want to visit and shoot in.

Here are some the programs that we will conduct in our Facility:

  • Basic Air Rifle and Air Pistol Courses
  • Gun Safety & Shooting Camps (3par/NMAR Rifle, PP Pistol, Action pistol/rifle and 3gun) 
  • Basic Action Air Shooting (Airgun & Airsoft)
  • Boy Scout Rifle& Archery Merit Badge
  • Air Rifle & Air Pistol Practice, Leagues, & Tournaments (Regular, State & West Coast)
  • 10 Meter 3 Position Air Rifle Prone, Standing & Kneeling (ages 7-18)
  • National Match Air Rifle 10 Meter Sporter, Precision, AR 15 clone (ages 12-20 and 21-adult) 
  • 10 Meter Rifle and Pistol Adult standing and standing supported 
  • 10 Meter Progressive Position Air Pistol (ages 10-18 and 18-20) 
  • Bench rest 10 meter 25yd simulated paper targets .177 cal. Wadcutters only <600 fps
  • Silhouette 10 meter paper targets .177 cal. Wadcutters only <600 fps
  • Archery Basics, 10yd – 25yd (ages 7-adult)
  • Archery (After School Program) 
  • Archery Practice, Leagues, & Tournaments 
  • Archery Shooting Camps 
  • international Air Shooting Sports Programs (Mirrors SPP / Steel Challenge, 3 Gun and Defensive Shooting)


  • Airsoft indoor Field (Thursdays 12 to 8 & Friday - Saturday 12 to 9) 
  • Zombie shoots


  • Club Membership Jr. and Adult & program and event discounts for members


  • NRA/USA Shooting/CMP Coach Pistol & Rifle Courses 
  • NRA RSO Courses 
  • USA Archery Instructor Courses


  • 600 sq. ft. 25 person Classroom/45 person seminar Rental Available (Projector, Screen, Sound System) 
  • 20 airgun/airsoft lanes <600 fps., .177 cal. (7 qualify for up to 1200 fps., .22 cal.) - Wadcutters only 
  • 6 Archery lanes (10-25 yd., target/field tips only) 
  • Airgun/Airsoft/Archery Rental & Public Open Range Days (See Website Calendar for Schedule) 
  • Club Store (Air Rifle, Air Pistol, Airsoft & Archery) 
  • Birthday Parties & Corporate Team Building Events 
  • Gun Shows 
  • Airgun/Airsoft Gun Show & Shooting Expo
  • Indoor Airsoft Field rental space to public (Tuesday & Wed)  


  • Self Defense Escape (adult) 
  • Refuse To Be A Victim seminars (Adult)


  • Kicking Fit Fitness Program (Karate, Yoga and Aerobics course) 
  • First Aid/CPR Classes 
  • Hunter Education Courses


  • 2 Shooting lanes for Big Bore airgun .22-.50 cal. Wadcutters only 
  • Equipment Repair Services (Airgun, Airsoft & Archery)

As you can see there’s something for every age
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Send check to: Shoot Right, 2303 N. 44th St. Ste. 14-1514, Phoenix AZ 85008

Rob Potter, President & Founder
Shoot Right
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