CAASES/Shoot Right Education And Training Center

Junior Archery

Thank You Arizona Sportsmen For Wildlife Conservation for the Generous Grant to Make the Archery Expansion Possible!!

Shoot Right Programs

Indoor 10 & 20 yd. Recurve & Compound Bow

Shoot Right Members - $25 a Month Service Donation

Non Members - $35 a Month Service Donation

(Annual Membership Service Donation - $25 for Seniors & Juniors, $35 for Adults)

All Equipment Provided

After School Archery Program (ASAP)

  • Three levels of proficiency: “Novice 10 yd”, “Intermediate 20 yd”, and “Advanced 20 yd”

  • Seven levels of achievement: “Archer”, “Bowman”, “Expert”, and “Master” (each level can be recognized by a patch) Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals can be awarded for further achievement.

  • Scoring on all faces is 5 for center and 4-3-2-1 for outer rings. The “x” center ring is a tie-breaker and is part of the “5” ring.

  • Total possible score is 100 points for indoor rounds. The arrow needs to touch the separating line to score the higher value.

Indoor Individual 3D


Indoor Team 3D 


Indoor Tournament 10 yd


Tournament 10 yd and 20 yd


Tournament 3D



Arizona Bowhunters and Field Archery Association.

Arizona Bowhunters Association 

Corner Archery